GeoMonday the 4th - Location & Internet of Things (IoT)


The world around us gets even smarter and more and connected every day. Beside keys, bikes or watches there are also other form factors taking presence in the internet. With the growing number of location aware devices and sensors, there is a huge opportunity for an entire new set of services and applications. Therefore we will focus in our 4th edition aroundLocation and Internet of Things”.

Bear with us, as we will announce our really great speakers over the next weeks.



When: Monday, September the 22nd, 2014. Presentation will start at 7pm

Where: Mobilesuite, Pappelallee 78/79, 10437 Berlin




Howard Hunt (Dustcloud) - Multiplayer Tracking on Multiple Devices


Malte Windwehr (Vimcar) - Carspotting: Vimcar turns car data into hard cash for its users


Lars Schmitz (Esri) - Using spatial data streams in real-time


Tamer Nassif (HERE, a Nokia company) - Developing location based apps for Gear; challenges and lesson learned


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